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      Vybe Up was created from rising up from the lower states/vibrations (Anxiety, negative self-talk, overthinking, all the things) into higher ones. Taking care of our energy comes in different forms – could be taking a long walk solo, experiencing Reiki, meditating, sage-ing our home with some 90s hip hop in the background. What these “activities” have and had in common is the intention to raise our internal frequency to show up better for ourselves and in turn show up better for those around us.

      As we’ve recently seen, life is…unexpected yet beautiful. We can have all the plans in the world, but the world may have other plans for us. Control gives us peace. Lack of control can feel like chaos and create the negative emotions and feelings that come from it….call in anxiety, fear, depression, bad habits, again…all the things. Slipping into these states is a painful experience, but are all experiences that can turn into beautiful opportunities to rise up.

      We aren’t here for perfection, we are here to make progress. Progress is slow and sometimes it’s ugly and painful, but as long as it’s present, it’s impossible to stop.

      We are here to keep it real. Let’s VybeUp!